Privacy Policy

Contact Information is posted in freely accessible areas only for a few key Adult Leaders to facilitate general outside communication to the Troop.

All other contact information (names/roles/phone numbers/email aliases) for other Adult Leaders & for Scouts in the Troop are posted only in password protected areas of the site and only after permission has been received from Adults/ Parents/ Guardians. We recommend that contact information provided for Scouts be one of the parents/guardians contact information (phone & email) so they can monitor communications. All posted email addresses will be Troop email aliases for better protection. Youth Leadership roles include elected & assigned positions see details on the Troop278 site. Once permission is granted it remains in effect unless it is later revoked.

Use of Photographs on this Site: This site does not use a large number of photographs, the focus of the site is reference material, but using some photos adds interest to the site. Photos of Scouts will only be identified by activity, location, date and/or a humorous caption and will typically be group activity shots. Adults appearing in photos will in general be treated the same. In the password protected area of the site photos of adults in Troop leadership positions will be identified by last name only e.g. ‘Scoutmaster <lastname>’, ‘Mr/Ms <lastname>, (no family associations are to be made). From a purely practical perspective photos where Scouts are not individually recognizable may be posted without specific permissions (e.g. rearward views, very small size etc).

Copyrights: All material hosted on this site is considered copyright Troop 278 Ahwatukee, AZ, except as otherwise identified. We respect the copyrights of others and do not simply re-post information authored by others. Material on this site was developed for Troop 278 and is intended to be unique, often adapted from multiple data sources and tailored to our Troop use or is fully original material developed by and for the Troop.