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Troop 278Why Choose Troop 278?


If you are a WEBELOS2 Scout looking to join a Boy Scout Troop or you are transferring in from another Troop why would you choose Troop 278 vs. any other Troop in this area? We know you have a choice – so we recommend you come and visit us at a Troop meeting (and visit other Troops, too) and decide for yourself. Here is what we consider to be the themes that may be different in our Troop in than others:


  • Our aim is to have fun in all things we do – we believe boys who have fun stay with the Troop & Scouting


  • Our emphasis is on being a Boy-Led Troop – adults support the program and ensure safety – the Boys choose their own activities & meeting themes and run the weekly meetings. Since the Boys have more control over the Troop they feel more responsibility for it.


  • Our very active outdoor activities program. We have at least one activity every month. We do lots of camping & backpacking & hiking. We also go climbing, swimming, driving, horse riding, whitewater rafting, skiing etc. Boy Scouts is much more about challenging adventure and self sufficiency than Cub Scouts was. We do however focus on safe & age appropriate activities. Older Scouts can participate in high adventure activities out of state while all Scouts can attend a week of summer camp at Camp Geronimo.


  • Our focus is on providing rank advancement opportunities and support – however we do not expect/require all Scouts to advance in rank at a predefined rate. We do achieve very good results with this advancement process and have produced many many Eagle Scouts from Troop 278. However we do also have Scouts who take a ‘time-out’ from rank advancement and yet they remain active and enjoy our outdoor activities program.


  • Sufficient fundraising opportunities so all Scouts can raise individual funds to pay for their Scouting experience – whether through family necessity, or to grow a sense of personal responsibility to ‘pay your own way’. We have an annual fundraiser that we ask all Scouts to participate in to raise funds to cover the basic operating costs of the Troop.


  • Our development of a strong group of adult volunteers in Troop support positions as Scoutmasters, Committee Officers and other roles. We spread the load well across parent volunteers engaging people in their areas of expertise/ability. We always seem to have adequate adult support for our activities.


  • Internet technology expertise – we have an active and current website with hundreds of pages of relevant Scouting information, calendars, archives of committee minutes & newsletters, Scouting links, troop forms, program & contact information. We also publish a monthly email newsletter to all Troop members and timely news updates as reminders for upcoming events. Troop information is readily available to all.


  • Our non-denominational Troop is open to Scouts of all faiths and we have a wide mixture of attendees not limited to our sponsoring church organization.


  • Our strong presence in the Walpi Kiva Chapter of the Order of the Arrow from both youth and adult members of the Troop. This keeps youth members engaged in Scouting well beyond attaining their Eagle rank.


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