Merit Badge How-Tos

The Merit Badge Process

Merit Badge Coordinator….Mysti Rainwater (

1) Scout makes decision to earn a merit badge (MB)

2) Scout contacts the Scoutmaster who helps to recommend a Merit Badge Counselor (MBC).

3) The Scoutmaster provides the Scout with a Blue Card.

4) The Blue Card has 3 parts:

  • one for the Scout/applicant
  • one for the MBC
  • one for the Adult Leader / Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster

5) Scout becomes familiar with the requirements of MB by discussion with MBC and/or by reference to the Boy Scouts Merit Badge Handbook (a brief description of the rank advancements and merit badges) and/or the respective merit badge handbook. (YOU CAN GET THIS FROM OUR TROOP LIBARY)

6) The Scout keeps all 3 parts of the Blue Card until he has completed all requirements of the MB.

7) Scout works on and completes each of the multiple steps in the requirements.

8) As steps are competed, the MBC initials the Blue Card, noting the step as completed.

9) When all requirements are completed, the MBC signs the Blue Card, noting that all requirements are complete, and returns the card to the Scout, who in turn gives the Blue Card to the Scoutmaster or Merit Badge Counselor.

10) The Scout has completed and earned the MB, but has not yet been formally recognized for the achievement. Recognition occurs at both a regular meeting, and at the semi-annual Court-of-Honor.

11) The merit badge patch should be sewn on to a BSA sash as soon as possible.

12) The Scout will receive the formal BSA merit badge card at the next Court-of-Honor.

13) The Scout MUST keep the signed & stamped Blue Card as a permanent record of his completion of the merit badge requirements. (Suggestion: store the Blue Cards in a baseball card holder and keep a separate copy for the Scout’s records).


This is a great overview of the merit badge process:


Click here for the official Grand Canyon Council Merit Badge Process for Scouts Parents and Unit Leaders (3)


For the Parent who wants to be a Merit Badge Counselor…There are several forms that need to be filled out.  These are:


Merit Badge Counselor Special Qualifications Guidelines

In addition to the adult application and the merit badge counselor application that are sent to the Council Registrar, the following documentation/forms must be submitted for the specific merit badges.

Special qualifications are required for certain merit badges and require additional documentation. These badges are explained in Chapter 7 of the Guide to Advancement. For these badges, the prospective Merit Badge Counselor must provide a copy of current certification OR a letter specifying that instruction and activities for the merit badge will be conducted by a currently certified instructor.  For a list of those merit badges and a description of the certification, see the new GCC Merit Badge Counselor Special Qualification Guidelines document available in the forms section of the council website alongside the Merit Badge Councilor application.