Camp Georonimo is right around the corner. There is still time to sign up, please contact Mr. Harzell if you are interested.  

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Allen Hartzell
Assistant Scoutmaster

Camp Geronimo Website

Troop 278 Ahwatukee
Example Geronimo Summer Camp Packing List
􀂈 Class A Scout Uniform (wear)
􀂈 1 pairs zip-off/long pants/jeans
􀂈 Boots, hiking socks (wear)
􀂈 Tennis shoes, water shoes
􀂈 2 pairs shorts, 1 pair swim shorts
􀂈 2 Class-B T-Shirts
􀂈 2 old T-Shirts (1 dark for night)
􀂈 Long sleeve shirt
􀂈 Fleece jacket/sweater, hat
􀂈 Waterproofs jacket/poncho
􀂈 6x regular socks, +1 hiking socks
􀂈 7x underwear, pajamas
Toiletries etc:
􀂈 Soap Small (bar)
􀂈 Shampoo (packets)
􀂈 Towel (pack towel)
􀂈 Comb/Hairbrush
􀂈 Deodorant (as needed)
􀂈 Toothpaste/toothbrush
􀂈 Face wipes / wipes
􀂈 Sun-Screen
􀂈 Vaseline/Hand cream
􀂈 Shaving gear – if needed
􀂈 Lip Balm
Scout Items:
􀂈 Merit badge books
􀂈 Scout handbook
􀂈 Supplies for Merit Badges?
􀂈 Merit Badge Forms
􀂈 Troop Permission Slip
􀂈 Class I/II Medical Form
􀂈 CPR certificate (if earned)
􀂈 Spending Money ~$35…
􀂈 Sunglasses (w/ strap)
􀂈 Letter from Home
􀂈 Disposable camera?
􀂈 Frisbee? / Ball?
􀂈 Pencil, Pen & Notepad
􀂈 Envelope/paper for letter home?
􀂈 Re-packing Checklist
􀂈 Musical Instrument?
Camping Equipment:
􀂈 Sleeping Bag & Pillow
􀂈 Inflatable Bed Pad/Camp Bed
􀂈 Cup for use in camp
􀂈 Water Carrier/Camelbak etc
􀂈 Small carry bag/fanny pack
􀂈 Compass, Watch
􀂈 Small Flashlight/Headlight
􀂈 Personal First Aid Kit
􀂈 Insect Repellent (small)
􀂈 Penknife (only with Totin chip)
􀂈 Mini-Clothes Line/Pegs
DONT Take:
􀂈 Plate/Utensils*
􀂈 Cellphone/iPod/Gameboy etc
􀂈 Digital Camera (Leaders will snap)
􀂈 Medications (give to Scoutmaster)
􀂈 Cooking Gear/Gas Lamps/Matches
􀂈 Axe, Sheath knife, catapult etc
􀂈 Weapons / Water Balloons etc

* Most meals are served in the dining hall: plates, cups utensils are provided
Remember the Scout will need to pack all their gear in a backpack to hike into camp. It is
approx ¾ mile slightly uphill depending on campsite we have. It’s strongly recommended
to stay under 30Lbs (preferably 25Lbs) packed for all their gear. The Troop has a scale to
weigh backpacks… You may need to work hard to stay below this limit – e.g. nylon
shorts, pack towel, lightweight sleeping bag & pad etc. We do have a single truck that
can take gear to the camp site but space is very limited and we encourage boys to carry
everything themselves as good backpacking practice. Scout uniform consists of official
Scout shirt and Scouting belt with either official Scout pants or official Scout shorts worn
with Scout socks. Troop 278 does not wear hats or neckerchiefs at summer camp.