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Our troop has a very active outdoor activities program. We have at least one activity every month. We do lots of camping, backpacking & hiking. We also go climbing, swimming, driving, horse riding, whitewater rafting, skiing etc. Boy Scouts is much more about challenging adventure and self-sufficiency than Cub Scouts was. We do however focus on safe & age appropriate activities. Older Scouts can participate in high adventure activities out of state while all Scouts can attend a week of summer camp at Camp Geronimo.



Scoutmaster News – August 2017

With August, school is starting again!  Our next year’s Outdoor plan started with an outing to Big Surf on Saturday the 5th and the popular trip to Flagstaff Extreme the weekend of the 25th and 26th.  We will be trying to do more campouts as 2 night outings to give Scouts more opportunities to score camping nights for the Camping Merit badge and Order of the Arrow eligibility. This will also give Scouts more opportunities to meet Cooking requirements.


While at Camp Geronimo a few years ago, Doug Taysom (then the camp director) gave out wooden coins to any adult leader who could recite from memory the Mission, Objectives, and Methods of Scouting.  That Thursday afternoon, I was the third person from that week to earn a coin.    This shows that Mission, Objectives, and Methods of Scouting aren’t as well communicated as they should be.  So I’ll use this opportunity to pass some of them on.


This month, we’ll start with the Scouting mission statement:  “The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical choices over their lifetime by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.”


Each meeting we recite the Scout Oath and Law.  While the words become familiar, the real objective is the values influencing our Scouts’ interactions with their patrol, troop, families, friends, teammates, teachers, etc.   During Scoutmaster conferences, the Scout Spirit discussion requires that boys wanting to advance provide specific examples of instances demonstrating their commitment to the Scout Law.  Our activities need to reinforce these values and provide guidance as needed.


Over the next few months we will review the Objectives and Methods of Scouting.


-Mr. Derr


Scoutmaster News – June 2017

June is here and school is out ! We’ll soon be wishing our Philmont Crew bon voyage as they embark on their trek the 13th to the 25th. We hope that this will be the highlight (so far!) of their Scouting careers. For those not familiar with Philmont, it’s the BSA’s premier High Adventure base, challenging Scouts with more than 214 square miles of rugged northern New Mexico wilderness. It’s an amazing place, and it will be great to hear their stories when they return.

There’s still time to sign up and go to Geronimo in July (July 8 through 15). It’s a great camp (just outside Payson) and Scouts can focus on not only some of the more challenging Eagle-required badges (Environmental Science, Swimming) but also some fun and educational badges (rifle shooting, horsemanship, geocaching, canoeing, etc.). Contact Mr Hartzell or myself to sign up.

This month, we will be working on the earning the Cyber Chip. While earning the Cyber Chip is a specific requirement for the earning Scout and Star ranks, the Cyber Chip expires annually so ALL SCOUTS will need to refresh. The requirements vary by the Scout’s grade in school but they include:

Reading and Signing the Internet Safety Pledge

Making a contract with your parent or guardian about how you will use computers and mobile devices

Watching videos about staying safe online

Teaching others about internet safety

Discussing with your Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster the proper use of electronic devices during troop meetings and outings.

For Boy Scouts, the requirements are slightly different depending on whether the Scout has completed 8th grade. We will sort that out at Monday’s meeting.

The Cyber Chip requirements are in Scoutbook. Scouts can record what they’ve completed in Scoutbook and the adult leaders will approve and record.

Our objective is to award all Scouts their Cyber Chip at our next Court of Honor!

Mr Derr



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